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We convert information technology to business value. InterDevelopment has fulfilled succesfully a wide variety of assignments in different industries, including manufacturing, food industry, logistics, utilities, telecommunication, retail, banking and insurance.

We are specialized in the management of large scale and challenging IT-related business projects and programs, national and international with multiple parties as well as multiple cultures.  


InterDevelopment supports the industries in implementing new and existing information technology, capture opportunities and making essential business value. We are experienced as technology advisory and implementation in projects and programs. Our mindset is business oriented  and we know what it needs to make technology work.  As information and communication technology develops rapidly we keep an eye on emerging technologies. We know the challenges and risks, what is feasible and what is not. Our approach is pragmatic and down to earth.


We have categorized our services in:

  • Advisory services for business improvement

  • Management services for projects and programs

  • Entrepreneural support


Our management services covers program management en senior project management. Our advisory services includes technology assessments, strategy roadmaps, outsourcing, offshoring, technology driven business improvement. In 2018 we have started entrepreneural support in order to feed ourselves with the latest development on enabling technologies.


Our professionals have above 10 years of relevant experience in managing technology in a variety of industries.


Please feel free to discuss with us your challenges and opportunities.

Our services

- Digital innovation

- SMART Manufacturing

- Industrial IOT

- Corporate technology strategy

- Technology roadmaps

- ERP implementation approach

- Testing and validation strategy

- Setup of datacenters

- Outsourcing and offshoring strategy
- Program Management

- Multi Project Management

- Business Project Management

- Innovation Management

- Vendors management in projects

- Test and Validation Management

- Interim Management

- Management of change

- Project Management Office (PMO)
- From idee to product (MVP)

- Startup support

- Incubation

- Acceleration

- Scale-up strategy

- Capital funding
Contact Us

Our office:
InterDevelopment Consultancy B.V.
Zwolle Trade Center - 13th floor
Grote Voort 293 a
The Netherlands

Contact details:
Phone: + 316 442 552 52
Email: office@interdevelopment.nl


We have our offices in the Zwolle Trade Centre, which is 5 minutes from the highway A28 exit 18 (Zwolle-Zuid). We are located in the ENGIE-building.


The reception is at the 3rd floor. Our offices are at the 13th floor.  Free parking space outside.


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